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For 20 years, we have been helping companies to use the IT capabilities to develop their business. Our main goal is to assure continuous development of their IT infrastructure and services. We achieve that by providing complete and tested solutions whose functionality we can guarantee.


Information technology administration

What may be expected in a framework of IT administration?


We ensure your network infrastructure administration, which will cover besides servers all of active and passive components and internet connectivity.



We understand, how important it is for you to have stable and reliable server equipment. That is why we always take care of servers proactively with regular carrying out activities necessary for continuous network operation. This is the only way to make your servers one of pillars of your business.



We take special care of optimizing, securing and documenting your end-devices. Remote access system is one of the main parts of our services. It allows us to react almost immediately to majority of ongoing issues.



We also have large experience in managing various cloud-based services. Hybrid technologies, with location partly in the cloud and partly locally in your network does not make us a problem. We consider hybrid technologies as an interesting alternative, especially attractive to small and medium companies.



We offer quick and reliable support to users in our client companies. Our colleagues are always happy to assist with all kinds of issues, problems and questions you can have. You can contact them by phone, email or our internal helpdesk system up to 24/7 (anytime in the day, all week long).



We will gladly help you with developing your information technologies, taking care to realize all of changes conceptually and efficiently in terms of your needs. Our experience is based on hundreds of realized projects.


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Why should you choose
external IT administrator?

Outsourcing your IT to external contractor has a number of advantages,
and what surprises the most, financial saves are not the biggest one of them.

Rich experience and know-how

Fundamental advantage of cooperation with external administrator is a rich experience and know-how as compared to them of internal IT workers. Knowledge of internal IT workers is (mostly) limited by technologies and specific configurations used in their company. External administrator can use experience based on work on many projects realized at many firms from various branches, on the contrary.

Our employees works daily on many implementation projects. There they meet a very modern technologies and practical usage of them. Experience obtained from this work gives us an ability to provide quality service to all of our clients, regardless of their size. Whether it is about new solutions, migration to present technologies, IT development or consultations, every time you can rely on our expert knowledge and individual approach.

Flexibility and substitutability

By cooperation with external administrator, you get rid of problems with operation continuality. Problem-free work of IT department is also guaranteed. Contractor should be concerned of availability of enough IT workers even in cause of illnesses or holidays while you can stay focused on your main (and profitable) business area.

By the SLA (Service Level Agreement), we guarantee required response time and the quality of service to our clients. Thanks to highly developed documentation system, our clients can rely on cooperation with technicians, well informed about their IT environment.

Our experts are prepared to help you with IT development. We offer possibility to change contracted range of services provided.

Minimization of risk

You can set stricter rules in service agreement when cooperate with external administrator than with internal employee. Cooperation is conditional upon observing Service-level agreement. There can be a contractual penalty applied along with a damage compensation or even an immediate termination of cooperation.

With the emphasis on ensuring our clients IT safety (and due to high level of expertise of our employees), you shall not to be warried about heightened risk of sensitive data leak. Our experience is, by the contrary, that security level of firm IT significantly raises along with hiring an external administrator, which consequently minimizes risks of data leak. Research shows, that internal employees cause more than 90% of sensitive data leak. Using external administrator you minimize connections between employees and IT workers, what causes minimizing of sensitive data leak.

Proactive approach

External network administrator, as we are, has (due to many realized projects) a very good overview of new IT and apps available on market. Knowledge acquired during projects implementation we use for new solutions tailored to client’s specific needs proposal.

Our company is an active partner to our clients from both of technical and commercial point of view. Technologies of our clients are continually monitored in 24/7 mode. Thanks to early warnings generated by out monitoring system, we are able to prevent very most of problems. According to the needs of our clients and chosen IT infrastructure development strategy, we regularly analyze technologies entrusted to us and propose an appropriate solution when find a defect or room to improve the infrastructure.

Financial savings

From the financial point of view, cooperation with external IT administrator gives benefit in reducing both the direct and indirect costs.

Reduction of direct costs mainly bases on possibility to buy only services necessary to keep your IT safe and high reliable. Transfer of responsibility for ensuring professional competence to external administrator leads direct prices down. All costs relating to internal IT workers training, expert consultations and operating your own IT department became history. Thanks to high-level expertise of external IT workers you can expect lower costs for treatment of errors caused by wrong or non-conceptual decisions.


Answers for questions, you might be interested in.

Every client has different and very individual needs, so it is impossible to provide some exact pricelist capable to give you an easy answer for this question. Contact us and arrange a meeting where we can discuss your needs and our capabilities. This is the best way to get financial conditions of cooperation. Based on the meeting conclusions we should be able to prepare offer tailored to your needs.

The most common model of cooperation is the setting of monthly flat-rate for guarantee of maintenance and keeping your server operational without a time limit. Flat rate includes all works necessary for keeping all of your solution operational or for minimizing eventual problems. Among others, it means regular updating, backup checking, periodic review of important server functions, 24/7 monitoring, documentation etc. Additional works on servers and workstations are charged in an hourly rate. This model gives you an ability to better prediction of your IT costs.

We are not rejecting other types of cooperation, which could better fulfill your individual needs.

Upon price of suggested services and their range agreement, the contract containing definition of all parameters of our cooperation is signed. Following step is an initial audit. This audit checks an actual condition and definition of operating state of administrated technologies. Output of the audit is a protocol which signature starts contractual obligations. This is the moment of taking the administration of your IT.

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